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      Merge branch 'poffey21-master-patch-05916' into 'master' · de3bbe0a
      Elliot Rushton authored
      Update warning message URL for DockerHub
      See merge request gitlab-org/gitlab-runner!2844
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      Remove docker-machine provision on creation failure · d2f2f00c
      Steve Azzopardi authored
      we see machines failing to create on the cloud provider, but it fails
      for rate limit reasons or anything else. This leads to a split-brain issue where we have state of a machine "created" in `docker-machine`
      state but the machine is nonexistent/inaccessible to the cloud provider.
      If the creation fails `docker-machine provision` runs on a machine that
      doesn't exist which wastes API requests, and time trying to wait for SSH
      to be available on a machine. The `docker-machine provision` tries to
      re-provision an existing machine, but if creation fails that means that
      the machine doesn't exist.
      Instead of retrying to create/provision the machine with the same details
      fail fast, remove the machine and try to create a new one with details.
      This should result in much quicker recovery when we reach the API rate
      limits on the cloud provider and also job queues because the machine
      would be available sooner rather than waiting for `docker-machine
      provision` to be available.
      To enable this fail fast functionality you have to enable
      inside of the `config.toml`
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