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Removed please and changed e.g. to example

parent b897a7f6
......@@ -148,7 +148,7 @@ func (s *RegisterCommand) askExecutor() {
for {
names := common.GetExecutorNames()
executors := strings.Join(names, ", ")
s.Executor = s.ask("executor", "Please enter the executor: "+executors+":", true)
s.Executor = s.ask("executor", "Enter an executor: "+executors+":", true)
if common.GetExecutorProvider(s.Executor) != nil {
......@@ -196,33 +196,33 @@ func (s *RegisterCommand) askBasicDocker(exampleHelperImage string) {
s.Docker.Image = s.ask(
fmt.Sprintf("Please enter the default Docker image (e.g. %s):", exampleHelperImage),
fmt.Sprintf("Enter the default Docker image (for example, %s):", exampleHelperImage),
func (s *RegisterCommand) askParallels() {
s.Parallels.BaseName = s.ask("parallels-base-name", "Please enter the Parallels VM (e.g. my-vm):")
s.Parallels.BaseName = s.ask("parallels-base-name", "Enter the Parallels VM (for example, my-vm):")
func (s *RegisterCommand) askVirtualBox() {
s.VirtualBox.BaseName = s.ask("virtualbox-base-name", "Please enter the VirtualBox VM (e.g. my-vm):")
s.VirtualBox.BaseName = s.ask("virtualbox-base-name", "Enter the VirtualBox VM (for example, my-vm):")
func (s *RegisterCommand) askSSHServer() {
s.SSH.Host = s.ask("ssh-host", "Please enter the SSH server address (e.g. my.server.com):")
s.SSH.Port = s.ask("ssh-port", "Please enter the SSH server port (e.g. 22):", true)
s.SSH.Host = s.ask("ssh-host", "Enter the SSH server address (for example, my.server.com):")
s.SSH.Port = s.ask("ssh-port", "Enter the SSH server port (for example, 22):", true)
func (s *RegisterCommand) askSSHLogin() {
s.SSH.User = s.ask("ssh-user", "Please enter the SSH user (e.g. root):")
s.SSH.User = s.ask("ssh-user", "Enter the SSH user (for example, root):")
s.SSH.Password = s.ask(
"Please enter the SSH password (e.g. docker.io):",
"Enter the SSH password (for example, docker.io):",
s.SSH.IdentityFile = s.ask(
"Please enter path to SSH identity file (e.g. /home/user/.ssh/id_rsa):",
"Enter the path to the SSH identity file (for example, /home/user/.ssh/id_rsa):",
......@@ -232,21 +232,25 @@ func (s *RegisterCommand) addRunner(runner *common.RunnerConfig) {
func (s *RegisterCommand) askRunner() {
s.URL = s.ask("url", "Enter your GitLab instance URL (the gitlab-ci coordinator URL), like https://gitlab.com/:")
s.URL = s.ask("url", "Enter the GitLab instance URL [https://gitlab.com/]:", true)
if s.URL == "" {
s.URL = "https://gitlab.com/"
if s.Token != "" {
logrus.Infoln("Token specified trying to verify runner...")
logrus.Warningln("If you want to register use the '-r' instead of '-t'.")
if !s.network.VerifyRunner(s.RunnerCredentials) {
logrus.Panicln("Failed to verify this runner. Perhaps you are having network problems")
logrus.Panicln("Failed to verify the runner. You may be having network problems.")
// we store registration token as token, since we pass that to RunnerCredentials
s.Token = s.ask("registration-token", "Please enter the gitlab-ci token for this runner:")
s.Name = s.ask("name", "Please enter the gitlab-ci description for this runner:")
s.TagList = s.ask("tag-list", "Please enter the gitlab-ci tags for this runner (comma separated):", true)
s.Token = s.ask("registration-token", "Enter the registration token:")
s.Name = s.ask("name", "Enter a description for thr runner:")
s.TagList = s.ask("tag-list", "Enter tags for the runner (comma-separated):", true)
if s.TagList == "" {
s.RunUntagged = true
......@@ -264,7 +268,7 @@ func (s *RegisterCommand) askRunner() {
result := s.network.RegisterRunner(s.RunnerCredentials, parameters)
if result == nil {
logrus.Panicln("Failed to register this runner. Perhaps you are having network problems")
logrus.Panicln("Failed to register the runner. You may be having network problems.")
s.Token = result.Token
......@@ -367,7 +371,7 @@ func (s *RegisterCommand) Execute(context *cli.Context) {
validAccessLevels := []AccessLevel{NotProtected, RefProtected}
if !accessLevelValid(validAccessLevels, AccessLevel(s.AccessLevel)) {
logrus.Panicln("Given access-level is not valid. " +
"Please refer to gitlab-runner register -h for the correct options.")
"Refer to gitlab-runner register -h for the correct options.")
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