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Provide a full list of metrics available for GitLab runners in the documentation

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an [Alertmanager]( to
dispatch alert notifications.
## Available metrics
To find a full list of all available metrics, `curl` the metrics endpoint after it is configured and enabled. For example, for a local runner configured with listening port `9252`:
$ curl -s http://localhost:9252/metrics | grep -E "# HELP"
# HELP gitlab_runner_api_request_statuses_total The total number of api requests, partitioned by runner, endpoint and status.
# HELP gitlab_runner_autoscaling_machine_creation_duration_seconds Histogram of machine creation time.
# HELP gitlab_runner_autoscaling_machine_states The current number of machines per state in this provider.
# HELP gitlab_runner_concurrent The current value of concurrent setting
# HELP gitlab_runner_errors_total The number of catched errors.
# HELP gitlab_runner_limit The current value of concurrent setting
# HELP gitlab_runner_request_concurrency The current number of concurrent requests for a new job
# HELP gitlab_runner_request_concurrency_exceeded_total Counter tracking exceeding of request concurrency
# HELP gitlab_runner_version_info A metric with a constant '1' value labeled by different build stats fields.
## `pprof` HTTP endpoints
> `pprof` integration was introduced in GitLab Runner 1.9.0.
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